Service Fees

Regardless of where your dog has come from, your past or current dog training or your situation, every prospective client is required to fill out an application form, including payment. You will be charged per session via card tap & go or invoiced monthly for training sessions. Please make sure you are financially equipped to take on this commitment or have a funding body behind you as PADT is a business and is not currently affiliated with any charitable organisations.

Application Fee

$390 application fee – this one off fee includes a 90 minute face-to-face dog assessment with the owner.  Consider it an interview for both trainer AND prospective handler.

If the application is successful then the fees below will apply.  Extra travel fees may apply if the applicant is beyond the trainer’s Melbourne metro area.  This payment does not automatically ensure success of your ongoing training with PADT.

Application Form

Client Commitment Fee

$90 a month – this is an ongoing fee, regardless of training sessions.  This fee includes an assurance that the program continues to address the specific needs of the client and their dog. 

The monthly fee includes ongoing email/phone/video support from PADT during business hours outside actual training sessions until Public Access Test (PAT) accredited.  It is up to the handler/client to utilise this monthly fee.

Training can take anywhere between 3-18months depending on the client and dog.

Once the trainer deems that the dog has met acceptable standards of hygiene and behaviour to access public spaces according to PADT’s criteria list and the DDA’92, the trainer will organise an In-Training jacket and I.D. card for your dog (please allow up to 4 weeks for this).  The jacket and I.D. card is included in the fees.  The jacket remains the property of PADT at all times and may be revoked at any time.

Training Fees

$160 p/hr  (as of July 2021) for individual face-to-face training. This fee includes the trainer’s travel time of up to 30 minutes from the Glenroy, Victoria area.  Trainer’s travel across the city may incur extra fees.  Contact us to find out more.  PADT will make every effort to reduce travel costs where possible.

Please allow and budget for at least 1.5 hours per training session.  see above hourly rate.

If you do not have financial support, please contact us to discuss. 

Please be aware, PADT is not supported by any charitable organisation.  Services will be charged by the hour.

Public Access Test (PAT)

$300 flat rate.  This includes the face-to-face PAT session, video footage of the PAT provided on a USB upon request, paperwork and any follow up.

Paws for Assistance Dog Training will not conduct a PAT without prior application, assessment and training sessions.

Follow-up Sessions at your cost

The GHAD PAT is a 3 year ‘license’.  The ACT PAT is a 2 year ‘license’ however, once you and your dog have completed the PAT, you will be required to maintain review training sessions every 6 months and a mock-PAT every 12 months.

At 3 months, your assessing trainer will do an email or phone call follow-up to make sure you and your dog are on the right track. No cost, unless you require a training session.

At 6 months, you will be required to have an individual training session with the trainer.  Charged at the current hourly rate

At 12 months, you will be required to have an individual training session. The trainer will conduct a mock-PAT. Charged at the current hourly rate.

At 18 months, you will be required to have an individual training session. Charged at the current hourly rate.

At 24 months, you and your dog will be required to have an individual training session. The trainer will conduct a mock-PAT. Charged at the current hourly rate.

At 12 monthly intervals, you will be required to run a mock-PAT with Paws for Assistance Dog Training. Charged at the current PADT hourly rate.

Extra Sessions: Once Public Access Tested, PADT currently does not charge an annual ongoing fee, therefore extra support is charged at the current hourly rate, whether that be face-to-face / phone / email or online consultation.  If the concern can be resolved quickly by the trainer, the fee may be waivered.  Please do not let a niggling unwanted dog behaviour continue un-checked.  The earlier you nip it in the bud, the easier it is to resolve.

Recommended Extras

$40 for waist leash, one-off payment.  These are brilliant and you’ll have it for years!

$40 for a portable dog place-mat. One off payment. 

$25-$28 ‘Gentle leader’ head halter (many assistance dogs wear these). One off payment.  These are used to calm the dog for assistance work and maintain focus on ‘the job’. You can purchase from pet shops or the trainer.  PADT recommends the ‘gentle leader’ brand.

Training locations are at either: John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve (Oak Park), Strathmore Heights Boeing Reserve, Moonee Ponds Central, Airport West shopping centre, Highpoint Shopping Centre (Maribyrnong), Northland Shopping Centre (Preston) and Melbourne city centre on occasion.  Please be prepared to attend these locations.

NDIS Funding

As of July 27th 2020 NDIS has stated that it will NOT financially support the training of an Assistance Animal (AA).  NDIS state they ‘may’ fund a Public Access Tested dog.  Depending on your plan, it may be possible to access funds through your self managed or plan managed Core Supports or Capacity Building funding. Please speak to your NDIS support person for more information.  As a suggestion: make sure your AA is stated in your main goals of your plan.

If you require a written report or AA application assessment form, please contact us to discuss.  This is a detailed report to compile in collaboration with your allied health team and support coordinator.  This will be invoiced to the NDIS participant PRIOR to PADT filling out the assessment form whether you have current funding or not. Please budget on approximately 4-5 hours charged at PADT’s current hourly rate.

  • It is up to the participant (with the dog) and the support coordinator to decide where the Assistance Dog training funds will come from & which line item it will fall under.  
  • Once approved, PADT will invoice the plan manager or participant (if self-managed).
  • List x3 trained ‘tasks’ the dog will do for you to mitigate your disability. Be very specific for the NDIS and yourself.

See below for further information on NDIS and Assistance Animals:

NDIS Assistance animals: updated 27th July 2020