Flying and Airlines in Australia

Once you have passed your PAT under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 09 (GHAD),  you will meet requirements to travel on any of the below airlines. You will need to supply a copy of your GHAD I.D. card and ask your certifying trainer for a copy of their approved trainer I.D. card to supply in your application to fly. You will also need to fill out each airlines specific forms. Plan and book at least 1 month ahead of time. PADT recommends to book with Qantas or Virgin.

Whilst still in-training, it is advised by PADT that you trial a short-haul return flight with your trainer. E.g. Mel-Syd-Mel. The trainer is allocated a free flight with the dog, however the handler of the dog must pay for their own ticket plus the trainers fee for this session.
This training session will be noted on the PAT document to ensure that you and your dog are cleared for ‘take-off’! If you choose NOT to complete an aircraft in-training session, you are still eligible to fly with your dog at your own risk.  Remember, you are a walking advertisement for ALL Assistance Dogs. Please maintain your training standards. Try and prepare for every occasion.

Sourced Qantas: Service Dogs

Service Dogs Under Training are limited to a maximum of:

two individual Economy Class Domestic flights (eg, a return city pair SYD-MEL-SYD) for the purpose of travelling to experience the aircraft cabin environment prior to certification, where each flight should not exceed three (3) hours; and

Note: if additional flights are requested and approved, the Approved Training Organisation/Accompanying Trainer must pay for the second seat (that is the seat in front of which the dog is seated) and their seat.

Provided your Service Dog meets all the criteria for the carriage of a Service Dog Under Training and you agree that you will adhere to the General Conditions of Carriage for Service Dogs and Service Dogs Under Training, we’ll then make the necessary arrangements for your travel, including appropriate seating and a moisture absorbent mat.

If a Service Dog Under Training is approved for carriage in the aircraft cabin, that approval is only for carriage as a Service Dog Under Training. Once the dog’s training and certification has been completed, the dog will require a new application and approval as a Service Dog.



Virgin Australia


Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Travelling with an Assistance Animal