Importance of a backup plan should you fall ill or are hospitalised

Who is on your emotional and physical support network list? E.G. Partner, family members, friends, psych. professionals? Make a list!

If you already own a dog that you are considering as a service dog, a temperament test will need to be conducted to ensure his or her suitability, or you may be considering a puppy from a registered breeder.  It is preferable to have background history of any prospective dog that you wish to train to Public Access (Test) standard. 

To begin your assistance dog journey, you will require a ‘certificate of disability’ letter from your psychiatrist, psychologist or relevant specialist (NOT a G.P.) outlining your diagnosis, symptoms and your need for an assistance dog and how an assistance dog could benefit you specifically. This is a legal document.  Training cannot begin without it. 

To begin any dog over 6 months of age with assistance dog training, the dog MUST be up to date with C5 vaccinations.  Please make copies available for your trainer. De-sexing is mandatory before the Public Access Test can be undertaken.  The dog does NOT need to be de-sexed while training if it is still young. 

The Paws for Assistance Dog Training process is casual, fun and easy to follow, with fees charged by the session plus a monthly commitment/administration fee to keep us all on track and moving towards your goal of having a highly trained assistance dog by your side 24/7.